This was a nice shoot all away around. Lyndsey has such an animated personality. It showed up beautifully in the photos. Aside from that, it was just fun shooting her laughing with her daughter Ella. Mitchell on the other hand is the strong silent type, but...when he does speak he's SUPER funny. Had me laughing a lot. And there's Ella. What kind I say. She is such a doll. I'm not used to shooting children so young, but she was such a joy. She has great smiles and a great personality. She must get it from her awesome parents. Then there was Lucy. She's the black lab. She almost jumped in the pond that was labeled no dogs allowed LOL but we caught her. She was really well behaved. Not going to lie, I was slightly nervous about shooting ( Taking a picture ) of a dog. Had no idea how it was going to go. Again it went well. Overall it was a nice cozy shoot. I hope I have the privilege of recording more moments like this with them.