With this being my first blog post of many, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself and my vision as a photographer. I am a husband to my wife Jackie and a father to two beautiful ( Can I Say Beautiful LOL ) little boys Benny and Beau. I never thought I would make it to a family man. But here I am. Having kids really changes your views on all sorts of things. For me it was God, family, and overall purpose in life. Not to get to preachy but you hear in church and read in scripture about God loving his children. Holding Benny for the first time and having the honor to be called Dad, it all began to make sense to me. And of course family. Next to God, family is perhaps the most important aspect of my life. It's so precious and important. I want to capture and preserve EVERYTHING. Aside from having Benny in my life, what really drove home this desire to record life would be my Mom. Four days after the birth of Benny, my Mom lost her battle with cancer. Life got Real for me. It's so important to remember our loved one's and the impact they had on our lives. Pictures can accomplish this. Pictures can remind us of feelings that we thought were lost or that funny memory in the backyard when you were a child. We don't think of it but I think we can all agree that pictures can become invaluable artifacts to our family history. 

   So that leads me to my vision as a photographer. I want to be an instrument for you and your family. I want to help you record your family history. I want to create beautiful pictures that your family can cherish for the here and now BUT also be able to cherish 50+ years from now. When my wife takes a picture of me holding my boys Benny and Beau. I want my grand children and my great grand children to see that kind of love I poured out into my family. See...thats the legacy I want to leave. That's how I want to be remembered. That's impactful and life changing. Pictures will help me do that. They can also do that for you too. And the great thing is, it's never to late to start.