Family Shots

     So here's my son Benny telling a story ( With a lil drama ) to his friend Freddy the teddy. It took a little while to get this shot but before we knew it, it was over. Benny was done, so all of us had to move on. The whole experience got me thinking about life. How quick it is then it's over. Not to sound to morbid but it's true. Now with my kids that time is even shorter. Before I know it, they will be gone living there own lives. I made up this rule that I will never say, " I can't wait". We all say it. I can't wait for him to talk, I can't wait for him to see his first parade, etc. We as people are so anxious to have things right now. To savor and enjoy a moment in time almost sounds like a joke. Well...I'm not laughing. I can wait! Pictures help me slow down time or at least I feel like it does. See... pictures can freeze that moment for me. 

     But that's life. All the little feet running around, your kids pulling your finger and saying, "Walk",. My personal favorite is when Benny is playing in his room as I stand from a distance and just watch him. I can't stress enough how important it is to have pictures. We take them for granted, even I'm guilty of this. We need to stop, we need to slow down, we all need to say " Yes I can wait ", we need to grab our camera and take pictures. To savor moments, to show that we appreciated those moments, to show our kids that the time spend wasn't taken for granted. Why...because, it'll be gone before you know it.