It's hard for me to talk about myself. I'm more of an open book, ask me and I tell you kinda guy. I feel though it's important to give you a little bit of a background of myself and my family. 

I'm a husband to Jackie and a father to two boys Benny and Beau. I would say family and children in particular has changed me in a way that is indescribable. Family has given myself a new motivation towards all different aspects of life. That's one reason why I enjoy so much photographing families and special moments.

Photography has always been a part of my life...somewhat. Growing up I would casually take pictures when the mood would hit me just right, but I never took this talent ( The Photographic Eye ) very seriously. When my wife was pregnant with our first son ( Benny ) I knew I wanted to take my photography a little more serious. What most people don't realize is my Mom was battling cancer at the same time. Four days after my son was born, my mom passed away. Having life and death occur so close together changes you. It gave me a unique appreciation for life. I put this into my photography and it has changed my life and the way I shoot.

So that leads me into my inspiration. My mom and my two boys. I observe intently when i don’t have a camera in hand and i’m certain all my best photos are the ones i’ve never taken ( though I'm trying to change that LOL ). I love watching the small exchanges between people who care for each other. I’ve always been pretty good at expressing my emotions verbally and I find photography is another extension to that communication.

Although there aren’t a lot of photographs that exist of myself ( Which I think is true for any photographer ) I feel like the moments I’m capturing are a better representation of who I am. I take this mentality and put that into my photographs for my clients. There's a level of emotion that just can't be edited into. That's what separates me from this market.

So if you see me walking down the street or just out and about, stop me and say hello. I hope I have the great pleasure to meet you and to take your picture. Thanks everyone!!